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No job too BIG or too small

Knight Electrical services include:

  • Complete rewires
  • Safety Checks
  • Fault finding
  • Garden lights
  • Extensions
  • TV antennas
  • Oven install
  • Phone/Internet cabling
  • Range hood install
  • Hot water systems
  • New builds
  • Emergency lighting
  • Switchboard upgrades
  • Safety switch install
  • Mains upgrades
  • A/C circuit

Our electricans have:

  • A-Grade Licences
  • Contractor Licences
  • Working with Children checks
  • White Cards
  • Registered with Electrical Safety Victoria

TV Antenna Installation Clayton & Oakleigh

TV antenna installation is one of the important elements of our comprehensive electrical services for our clients in Bentleigh, Clayton and Oakleigh and other East and South East suburbs of Melbourne.

Ins and Outs of TV Antenna Installation

For our clients in Clayton, Oakleigh, Bentleigh and other areas, we feel it is important for us to enlighten you about some basics concerning TV antenna installation. The first thing is related to right TV antenna selection. We know that Australia is a home to different large birds. These birds find antennas a very convenient sitting and resting place. Your TV antenna should be sturdy enough to bear the weight of these birds when they sit on it or rest during their flights.

The next factor you need to consider when selecting a TV antenna is its ability to block out unwanted signals or at-least minimize reception of unwanted signals. Another important aspect in good TV antennas is their ability to catch reception effectively without using amplifiers in areas where signal strength is good and there are few obstructions. This is known as the ‘gain’ of antenna in technical language. For areas where reception is not good and where there may be too many obstructions, it is recommended that a TV antenna with higher gain is selected.

TV Antenna Installation by Knight Electrical

In line with maintaining top quality in all electrical services we provide to our clients in Bentleigh, Clayton and Oakleigh, we make sure we do a superior job of TV antenna installation in your homes and businesses.

When we select an antenna for you, we will use the following factors as guidelines:

  • Your channel requirements;
  • The existing strength of signals in your area and most importantly around your home or business;
  • Evaluate any problems you may face in reception of signals that may be common in your area;
  • What additional equipments such as amplifiers may be necessary?
  • Would there be a requirement of additional cables and connectors?

You need to hire an expert electrical services provider if you want accurate, functional and reliable TV antenna installation for your home or business in Bentleigh, Clayton and Oakleigh. This is because poor antenna installation results in poor TV reception of-course and you may miss out on your favourite programs or the headline news because of it.

Poorly installed TV antennas can range from problems concerning the appropriate distance between the antenna anhire Knight Electrical, you can be sure of top quality TV antenna installation whether you are residing in Bentleigh, Clayton, Oakleigh or any other East and Southeast suburb of Melbourne!